Collection packages to suit your business

DVA Collections understand the importance of your client retention and the sensitivity required when collecting your outstanding debts. Our clients are educated to the advantages of referring their debts to a third party rather than repeating their own demands and possibly damaging their business relationships.

DVA Collections will meet with you and discuss the approach you require in line with your business expectations & your debtor behaviour. All businesses are different and our experienced staff can customise our approach to your debtors with your ongoing business relationships in mind.

Some debts may be collected easily by our standard debt collection process, where others can be more difficult or delicate in the approach required. Our in-house Solicitors will be consulted to customize our approach to suit your needs as well as assistance in the legal process which DVA will recommend, consult and gain approval through the entire process.

Contact us today to find out how we can customise a package to suit your needs and allow you more time to get back to working on the success of your core business, whilst we collect your money for you!

Best of all there is no risk to you - no collection, no commission charge!