Why DVA?

DVA Collections have been collecting overdue accounts for more than 25 years and offer a range of services to help your business with its debt recovery needs.

We have the industry's leading recovery rates and understand the impact of outstanding invoices on your business. We recognise the importance of protecting your brand and repeat customers and our experienced staff have experience in recovering debts in a sensitive manner and protecting your company’s reputation.

DVA Collections has a range of experience when it comes to debt recovery, from small to medium sized business to large government clients. DVA Collections also has the added benefit that we have an in house process serving and private investigation team, as well as direct access to a boutique legal firm, O'Hearn Law, who specialise in the area of debt recovery. We build relationships with our clients and give regular feedback and performance of our accounts through regular meetings and contact.

DVA Collections provides 24/7 access for you to view your file progress and status by logging in through our secure portal on our website.

DVA Collections also offers the following benefits;

  • No Collection, No Charge – If we cannot collect the debt for you we will not charge you any commission fee
  • No Subscription Fees
  • No Debt Loading Fees
  • No Joining or Annual Fee
Many of our competitors charge the above fees which sets us aside from the rest and shows the confidence that DVA Collections has in collecting your debts.