Here for You and Your Business

We are a local Hunter-owned and operated business that has been helping NSW and Hunter businesses for over 25 years. We know your business, we know the area, and we know your debtors.

We can offer flexibility in our commission plans to suit your business needs. Commission is only charged on amounts collected – no collection, no charge.

We can provide you with advice on improving your credit policies and documents to ensure that your potential losses in extending credit are kept to a minimum, and that you have the best chance of recovering the maximum amount in cases of bad debt.

All our staff are independently trained and licensed to comply with NSW CAPI requirements. This means our collection process is undertaken in such a way that there are no issues to you in the future.

We utilise the latest computer software which can give you real-time access to your accounts and collection reporting.

Our philosophy is that you will not be billed for any unexpected items. Should our staff feel it necessary to engage a field agent, conduct property searches, or undertake legal actions your authority to proceed will be sought prior to incurring any charge.

We do not recommend legal action based only on the debt amount or simply because a specific number of days has passed. Each case is treated individually and assessed on merit.

We have direct access to MRM Lawyers - a boutique law firm that specialise in debt recovery. Regular meetings ensure complex or urgent legal issues are addressed and resolved quickly.

As a member of the Institute of Mercantile Agents all our staff are kept up to date on the latest developments & techniques in the areas of debt collection, process serving, and investigation.