How it works

We offer a range or Debt Collection Products, which we can tailor to suite your circumstances. Here at DVA we understand that one standard approach will not suite every client, across varying industries and company sizes. We understand the importance of your client retention & so we have developed different methods of varying approaches to achieve your desired outcome.

  • DVA Benchmark Debt Collection package: No Collection, no commission.
    Once you refer the debt to us, we send a series letters to your debtor. An initial demand, reminder notice and then a final notice. Throughout this process we contact your debtor via phone, email, fax etc. to recover your debt. If your debtor is unable to pay the debt in full, we profile their personal circumstances and negotiate a payment arrangement, with your authorisation. Commission Fees are structured on a sliding scale and are dependent on the size of the debt.
  • Self-Collection Letters: This product is a book of triplicate demand letters. A simple system which is best suited to debts under $500.00. You simply complete the form with your debtor’s personal information. Attach the demand letter to your overdue invoice/ statement and post to your debtor. The second copy is sent to DVA should you wish us to proceed with further action, the third copy is for your records. The books can be purchased in a book of 50 letters & discounts are available for bulk orders.
  • Field Calls: If the debtor does not respond to our correspondence we utilise a network of Field Agents throughout the country to visit your debtor personally, at home or at work. Our Agent establishes contact with your debtor & makes demand in person. If the matter cannot be resolved on the spot, our Agent will phone us on location so we can speak with the debtor & negotiate a payment arrangement. Our agent will also profile the debtor & their property. This information is vital for possible further action if the debtor defaults on any arrangement made. Fees are subject to the location of your debtor.
  • Skip Tracing Packages: If your debtor’s personal contact information has changed, we have various packages available to locate your debtor. DVA has access to many databases & subscribe to various websites which collate information on Australian residents. Our Staff have a combined experience of over 30 years in debt collection and pride ourselves on this unique skill to locate and pursue your debtors. Fees are subject to the complexity of each search.
  • Legal Action: once all collection methods are exhausted, with your authorisation, we proceed with legal action to recover your debt. Our in-house legal team have tailored a process in line with the current legal system to secure the debt. We start with a Statement Of Claim served on the debtor. Unless there is a dispute between you and your debtor, we achieve great success within 28 days. If the matter is not settled within this period we proceed with Judgment to secure the debt for enforcement. Fees are subject to the debt amount. Most of which can be added to the debt for recovery.

    At this point there are a number of tools available to recover the funds:
      • Wage Garnishee
    • Bank Garnishee
    • Writs over personal goods or property
    • Examination Notice
    • Examination Orders
    • Bankruptcy