Focus on your business success

Many businesses find themselves in a situation where they have a number of accounts sitting at 30+ days overdue. Its then time to make a decision, do you focus on chasing debts or do you invest your time into growing your business? The best option is to employ an experienced & professional debt collector who can recover your debts for you, giving you time to focus on your core business and generating profit. The result? Improved cash flow and an increase in your productivity.

If you have outstanding debtors, the best way you can generate cash flow into your business is not by an overdraft or business loan, it’s by collecting the money that is owed to you. After all, you have done the hard work and deserve to be paid the money.

If you have a correctly worded ‘Terms of Trade Contract’ with your client, we can add our Commission Fee to the debt we collect, which means you are not out of pocket for our commission! If you don’t have a ‘Terms of Trade Contract’ our in-house Solicitors can draft one for you. This will save you even more money in the future.

The greatest part is, we are so confident that our Account Managers have the best industry experience in collecting your debts, we will give you a guarantee that if we cannot collect your debt there is no commission charge!

You can keep working on your business whilst your debts are being efficiently collected with the following benefits;

  • A first class, highly experienced collection service
  • Professional advice & service for your client contracts to minimise costs
  • No Risk – if we don’t collect you don’t pay! No Collection No Commission